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PRO Hot Water Service has 45+ years of experience in the installation and repair of Electric Hot Water Heaters

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Electric storage (tank type) water heaters have changed little over the years. They are relatively simple in their operation and are quite reliable.

There are still however a lot of repair techs who do not understand the basic fundamentals of how an electric water heater operates.

It is very common for a repair person to replace a component such as an element or a thermostat without properly assessing the issue, resulting in a failed repair.

Also it is common to see that someone has simply replaced all of the parts in an effort to repair an issue because they lacked the skill to test the systems individual components. We call this the “shotgun repair” the logic being if they replace everything it will hopefully address the issue. This type of repair is often not cost efficient, not effective nor ethical, but it happens all the time, particularly when the repair technician is not a skilled water heater repair professional.

PRO Hot Water Service offers service on electric heaters. We will accurately asses the issue and make the appropriate recommendations for repairs or replacement as needed.

Hot Water Heater Brands We Service:


We stock the most common parts for many of these brands and can in many case get your issue resolved the same day.

We will give you an honest evaluation of the condition and repair worthiness of your water heater and make fair recommendations as to your options for repair or replacement.