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PRO Hot Water Service has 45+ years of experience in the installation and repair of Gas Hot Water Heaters

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Gas storage (tank type) water heaters are the most common type of water heater in this area, They are very reliable and have an average life span of 8 to 15 years. Typically natural gas in cities and Propane in rural areas.

Older (15 yrs and up) gas water heaters are common and relatively simple in their operation. These water heaters can still be repaired if the issue is basic , but more costly repairs are not recommended due to their age.
Newer gas water heaters are (15 yrs or less) are in most cases much different in design than the older units and require special parts and skills to service them properly.

Gas water heaters are moderately efficient and are still a good choice for many households, the most common sizes are 30, 40, 50, and 75 gallon and are also available up to 100 gallons for residential use. They are typically a standard vent type but are also available in sealed direct vent , power vent, and sealed power vent. Each type of venting to meet specific installation requirements.

Other gas water heaters are a special condensing, high efficient tank type design. The water heaters are very efficient and can produce large quantities of hot water, and are designed for use in high demand applications for domestic hot water, and for hydronic / in floor / radiant heating systems.

PRO Hot Water Service offers service on gas heaters. We will accurately asses the issue and make the appropriate recommendations for repairs or replacement as needed.

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We stock the most common parts for many of these brands and can in many case get your issue resolved the same day.

We will give you an honest evaluation of the condition and repair worthiness of your water heater and make fair recommendations as to your options for repair or replacement.